Wednesday, 25 September 2013

whats going on?

been busy with my own work,so have left this blog "outdated"
anyway,this is what going on~
I'm arranging all my embroidery note. yes,we planning to have embroidery class!
but but but ...class will only able to start next year Jan~
then ...
at the mean time, i do have one to one class in Ipoh.
for private class,you can choose the project you wish to learn. fees in base on project~
do email or send me message at Facebook~

sorry keep you all waiting~ >///<

Sunday, 2 June 2013

almost a year~

i just notice~
almost a year since the last time i update this blog.
it have been a tough year,up and down.
and now,I'm back to where i started.
i kind d lost during the year
lost i no where i guess XD
i decide to get back to where i started...
to get back the feeling of organising craft gathering.
i know,i have "twisted" the aim of Hands On during the past year.
and believe me or not,that thought me a lot
and now,i need to find a balance within interest and work.

temporary,we wont have official class,
but we will have some craft gathering *i hope~~cross my finger*
ok,whats the different between class and craft gathering?
well,class,is in a more formal way of teaching.
where else, craft gathering is more on teaching and sharing.
class,we not suitable to have food during the process
but craft gathering,we will like a group of friends,gather together and eat,drink,chat,and of course,doing craft* of course I'm still teaching*
just the environment are totally different~
i kind d miss craft gathering,is just like making friends while learning~

so ,if u want to make friends with me ~get ready for our craft gathering,cos WE ARE BACK!!
i already decided what to do for our coming craft gathering,just that i cant fix a date for it ~~ how????

*btw,I'm trying*cross my finger again* to have more info at here and fb~
sharing others ideas ,hope i can put up some simple tutorial and also,design my own DIY pack~ *

=======thanks for everyone that came in my life for the past year,thanks for the opportunity given for the past year,thanks for all the love,care and help given================================

Friday, 29 June 2012


I'm really sorry.I know I promise I will prepare the DIY pack asap..but lately ,there some family problem which I really need to take care of.I have not enough time for everything. So,please be patient,the DIY pack,i will try to get it ready asap...but..realy won't be so soon ~ sorry for any inconvient. thanks for you support ^^

Beam Port Bucket Bag

join us for this amazing class ^^

Sunday, 24 June 2012

July Craft Gathering is open for register now~~~

okok~~I"M SORRY~~~~ i know i am a bit late to make the announcement here~have been a busy month for me~ so,ready to get excited~ here is our July craft gathering

cute blue flower tote bag
let see...what will you learn ?how to handle sewing machine~ basic hand sew skills~anfd of course,how to sew a bag =P there wont be zip in this bag as this is a basic bag~~~so later in future,maybe we can have some gathering on sewing bags with zip ^^

date: 14th July 2012
time : 12.00pm
venue: Monsterkraft(
fees : RM110

do not know where to put your tools? always lost your tools?always cant find yur tools when you needed it?
come join our gathering to make this unique book tools bag~

date: 15th july 2012
time: 11am
venue: Monsterkraft (
fees : RM70

*please take note that the fabric may be different depends on availablity~

please email us to register,or you can contact for registration.thanks.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

our DIY pack is here now~

oh yeah yeah~ finally ,out cute owl DIY pack is available now
RM30 per pack,and get the 2nd pack with 10% discount.
you can pic any fabric listed below~
all material are well cut and everything included (except tools ^^ ) : ~ fabric,felt, bean bag,stabilizer, polyester fiber,notes, pattern

*shipping fees not included*

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

6月份手作聚会时间表~~June craft gathering timetable

i'm so sorry~~~i know i is a bit late for me to post this here,but yet~~its never too late~~~ XD
we will have a busy month on June~as we will have 3 gathering in 2 days~ so lets see what we have =D

* the frame purse gathering already full~ =D

so faster grab ur seats for the gathering~

*Special thanks to for making the poster n also providing us a great place to held the gathering

register to beading or to us soon~ email us at
see you soon ~